My name is Hugo Alves and I am a Software Developer from Lisbon.

I’ve been professionally developing software since 2013. I work mainly with Java backend applications, all using Spring Boot with the traditional Servlet Stack. In the last couple of years I’ve been working exclusively with a microservices architecture.

If you want to contact me you can email me or find me in LinkedIn.

My Projects

Apart from my day job I like to keep some side project to learn new stuff. Whenever I start to learn a new thing I like to put it in practice, it is so much easier to learn when we can see something happening.

This site

In this site I will try to document all my experiences with technology. Since programming to network stuff. I will post tutorials about Spring, Linux, networking and some projects with Raspberry Pi. Some of the posts could be in Portuguese, sorry about that :).

Oh, and I also created this blog because I wanted to check out Jekyll and Github pages.

Coisas de Miúdos

The objective was to provide a platform where the Portuguese parents can buy and sell kids related stuff. For example the parents can sell the old toys that they don’t need anymore, or the can buy a second hand stroller.

The stack for this project is Python+Django. The app is running in a docker container.

Passar no Código

This website is a platform where the users can practice for their Portuguese driving license exam. This app provides some tools that the users can use to practice before taking the real driving license exam. The users can do multiple modes of exams, for example with different difficulty levels. The users can also track their progress, with the statistics provided the users can choose the best moment to take the real exam.

This is a JHipster project (reactJs + Spring boot).